The Search for Gems of Digital in On!

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Coeus Age Consulting is pleased to announce the launch of a mammoth task of discovering the shining ‘Gems of Digital Enterprise’ in India.

A rigorous activity, it shall help us identify those enterprises that have innovatively used digital towards building new business capabilities.

Our first list contains 13 Gems of Digital Enterprise, belonging to a range of industries – BFSI, Automotive, FMCG, Construction, Healthcare, Consulting and Media.

Our search is still on for identifying the Gems of Digital.

Who are Gems of Digital Enterprise?

They are either market leaders or formidable challengers, innovative, value oriented, customer focused, and change driven. Such enterprises put digital to innovative use towards gaining competitive edge and performing above normal.

Process of Discovering the Gems of Digital Enterprise 

We are set to discover ‘Gems of Digital Enterprise’ at two levels – the overall organization and specific functions levels. Our endeavor at Coeus Age Consulting is to document their stories and felicitate & celebrate their success.

The discovery is a five-stage process, undertaken by Coeus Age Consulting.

If you think your organization is a Gem of Digital, please nominate your organization by taking a simple survey.

Stage 1

Nominate your organization (it shall take only 8-10 minutes of your time).

Nominations are open now.

Stage 2

Detailed form will be sent to those shortlisted from stage 1 (that shall take 45-50 minutes of your time)

Stage 3

The shortlist will be further reduced with extended research on the organization already shortlisted.

Stage 4

The forms received in stage 2 shall be presented to an eminent Jury for the final selection.

Stage 5

The Gems of Digital Enterprise shall be felicitated at an awards function.

Meet the latest Gems of Digital Enterprise winners

The success stories of the Gems of Digital Enterprise shall also be documented as case studies in a book/ booklet that shall be launched at the awards function.

Read the book containing the latest Gems of Digital Enterprise case studies

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