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DB Corp – Making the Most of Print and Digital

can you buy antabuse over the counter in uk DB Corp has been recognized as a DXL (Digital Transformation Leader) Enterprise in the Media and Entertainment Sector. This is revealed in the DXL COFFEE TABLE BOOK (CTB) by Coeus Age. The CTB presents 24 DXL or Digital Transformation Leader (DXL) Enterprises across 16 Industries.

Quetiapine 300 mg DXL Enterprises are the intra-sectoral leaders excelling on digital.

D B Corp has been evolving over the years and digital has offered it the opportunity to continue doing so. But digital is disruptive and requires an approach different from print. So D B Corp has structured it separately to help it evolve with the spirit of a start-up.

The digital business is a new growth engine and its supporting tech platform is being upgraded to put data at the centre so as to drive differentiation by unleashing scale and personalization. The KPIs of the new digital business include the traction achieved in number of users. The successful evolution to the digital business along with the traditional print media, across vernacular markets, is a rare feat achieved by D B Corp.

The main highlights of the DXL story at D B Corp includes six key aspects (supported by key excerpts from the Annual Report FY2021).

Evolving with Times

“We have evolved – from being Local to National; from one language to three languages; from a single edition to 65; and from Print to Radio, Digital and Mobile platforms. This has enabled us to harness the increasing growth opportunities in India’s Tier II & Tier III markets.” “We are working towards using our digital and social media platforms to extend our brand promise with podcasts, videos and live streams.”

Structural Readiness

“To achieve this, we have realigned the digital organisation to operate as an independent start-up with an entirely new Product and Technology team with experience of building and scaling consumer products to hundreds of millions of users. This, in turn, will enable us to drive long-term growth and monetise our products.”

Hyper Scale Tech Platform

“DB Digital revamped its technology infrastructure to enable a high-level data analysis and create scope for greater experimentation & personalisation. This was to optimise the product and enable its rapid execution to grow and touch more than 100 million users over the next decade. DB Digital’s new engineering team has a past record of working with the top Indian tech start-ups and scaling the products and systems in line with user expectation and market trends.”

Data Driven

“WisdomNxt’, our in-house analytics and data intelligence proprietary tool, supports the editorial team with real-time insights on content. We added the ability to predict the virality of content to make ourselves even more connected with the contemporary needs of audiences.”

AI at the Core

“The recently launched Artificial Intelligence-driven Dainik Bhaskar+ app is aimed at revolutionising news consumption in Hindi-speaking markets. The largest news and information app in its category, it is the only Hindi app offering credible digital content to users. Available on both Android and iOS platforms, it is loaded with futuristic features like the ‘NewsPlus’ feature with Augmented Reality (AR) technology, which enables users to scan the news published in the newspaper and play related videos.”

Tracking Numbers

“Dainik Bhaskar app (Hindi news) registered 4.50 million active monthly users as of June 2020, as against 1.53 million active monthly users in December 2019* Divya Bhaskar app (Gujarati news) registered 1.28 million active monthly users as of June 2020, as against 0.48 million active monthly users in December 2019.”

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