24 DXL Enterprises- A Longitudinal Research Study by Coeus Age Digital Transformation or DX is a journey and enterprises are in different stages of this journey. Some are leading while others are trying to catch up.

14601f25c3ac72de258387629972dd60 Coeus Age undertook a massive research study to map the journey of 123 large enterprises by decoding the narrative contained in their annual reports (last 6 years starting 2015-16) and other online sources. The decoding of the narrative helped us map each enterprise on two dimensions.

1.Tech Evolution – Five stages through which enterprises evolve on their tech adoption. Each stage is a pre-requisite for the next stage to evolve. They move through baseline IT to adopting digital on a piecemeal basis to converging them at the enterprise or the ecosystem level.

Sources – Best of Tech 2022 Report, Coeus Age

2. Coverage – The dimension denotes what is the breadth of the IT and digital transformation. It ranges from being individual centric tech initiatives or team centric or specific function specific or pan enterprise to creating an open market platform. Examples of open market platform include the stock exchanges or an open banking system or an eCommerce platform.

Sources – Best of Tech 2022 Report, Coeus Age

The DX Matrix – Combining the two core dimensions of Digital Transformation gives us a matrix – The DX Market Matrix that maps the depth and breadth of DX in enterprises.

Sources – Best of Tech 2022 Report, Coeus Age

It also helps identify the Benchmark Companies. Benchmark companies are front runners, those who have attained the highest level of Digital Transformation. They set the competitive benchmarks for others to follow. The mapping matrix also highlights their path forward on the Tech Evolution and Coverage Dimensions.

We brand them as DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION LEADER OR DXL ENTERPRISES. We have identified 24 DXL Enterprises across 16 Industry Verticals. The names shall be unveiled soon.

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