Creating Your Own Digital Strategy – A Workshop

Digital Transformation is a buzzword that is continually growing in the popular discourse, almost becoming a commodity concept. The pertinent question is, do every organization need a complete transformation to go the digital way? Well, we believe not necessarily so! Digital is relevant for every business but transformation has to be context specific.

Each business has its own reality, both external and internal and their response to digital must be based on that reality. A conscious approach to gauging that reality and carefully selecting an approach to business growth must be supported by an appropriate digital strategy.

Digital Transformation is a generic concept, Berck-Plage organizations need their own digital strategy.

We bring a workshop to deliberate on the key questions and their probable answers to start LEADDDING with your own Digital Strategy.

1. Acknowledging Ueda  the gap between business (growth) strategy and digital initiatives

More often than not, the business strategy and digital initiatives exist in isolated domains. While business strategy is the prerogative of the top management that involves the board, the CEO and other CXOs, the digital initiatives are taken care of by the line of business managers and the IT managers. A recent survey by Coeus Age Consulting reveals that 60% of Indian enterprises are either simply flirting with digital or building individual components.Digital Strategy Poster 5

2. Becoming mindful of the gap through our framework

We believe the two isolated domains need to be reconciled. It is through the process of that reconciliation that the organization’s digital strategy shall emerge, which shall tightly link digital initiatives with the business growth strategy.

Towards that end, we have developed a framework that shall guide business leaders’ thinking  towards 3 pertinent questions –

1. Business (Growth Strategy)

What’s the organizational route to growth and which of the five approaches to growth the organization has adopted/ is willing to  adopt?

2. Aligning Business (Growth) Strategy and Digital Initiatives

How are the digital initiatives supporting this route to growth? How do/ can they complement the selected approach to growth

3. Discovering Your Digital Strategy

How to align the two domains through mapping capability objectives, defining structures across functions and roles, and selecting projects and technologies?

3. A workshop to make the framework work for your organization

Coeus Age Consulting has designed a workshop for aligning business strategy with various digital initiatives in the organization. It aims at defining a new relevance of digital for your business growth strategy.

The workshop shall bring alive our deep research of multiple Gems of Digital Enterprises across industry domains, those who have successfully used digital for building business capabilities.

The workshop shall cover the following aspects –

Gauging the digital disruption in your industry

Spelling out your organization’s growth story

Getting in touch with your organizational system of capabilities and its adequacy

Listing the digital initiatives in your organization

Mapping the digital initiatives with the system of capabilities and the inherent consistencies/ inconsistencies

Defining your digital strategy and a renewed focus on digital initiatives

For each of the point, relevant tools, methods or props have been designed for an experiential learning for the participants.

Who shall attend?

The workshop is meant for all those CXOs who are interested in leading their organization’s focus on digital. By linking the digital initiatives with the business growth strategy, they can lead a new conversation in their respective organizations, a move that can be career defining.

The workshop can also be tailor made for the CXOs of a specific organization.

Related Details

Date – 12th of April, 2017 in Gurgaon and 28th of April, 2017 in Mumbai.

Venue – TBD

Fees – Rs. 6900 + applicable taxes (includes lunch, tea & snacks and a copy of the book LEADDDING)

Time – 9:30 AM till 13:30 PM

Faculty – Dr. Kapil Dev Singh

To book your seat, please connect with us at – +91 9711416101.

About Dr. Kapil Dev Singh

Dr. Kapil Dev Singh is the Founder & CEO, Coeus Age Consulting.

Dr. Singh has over two decades of rich experience, and has headed IDC in India for close to 8 years as the Country Manager. He has been tracking the ICT industry for 20 years now. He is currently spearheading path breaking research on digital enterprise and new technologies.

Dr. Singh is passionate about driving a new discourse among the contemporary business and government leaders on managing in the digital age. He is also advising them on the change aspects related to embracing the paradigm of digital.

Dr. Singh is an Engineer, and an MBA. He is also a doctorate from Management Development Institute, Gurgaon, India.

He regularly writes blogs and articles, which are read by business leaders across the globe. He has also authored five books –Looking Inward, CIO Leading Change, 21 Jewels of DigitalThe Platform Edge, and LEADDDING.

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