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Blue Dart – Tightening Flow of Goods and Information

Obita Blue Dart has been recognized as a DXL (Digital Transformation Leader) Enterprise in the Logistics and Supply Chain Sector. This is revealed in the DXL COFFEE TABLE BOOK (CTB) by Coeus Age. The CTB presents 24 DXL or Digital Transformation Leader (DXL) Enterprises across 16 Industries. DXL Enterprises are the intra-sectoral leaders excelling on digital.

For a logistics company, the real challenge is in managing the supply chain efficiently and transparently. Efficiency is a direct outcome of process automation and integration, whereas transparency for both internal users as well as customers can result from how data is captured and managed as per the requirement of different organizational actors.

The digital transformation at Blue Dart is an apt example of how these two imperatives are addressed. Digitalized supply chain, mobile app, analytics, business intelligence, smart dashboards, API solutions, auto-route applications, and learning systems are the technologies being deployed towards that objective.

The main highlights of the DXL story at Blue Dart includes six key aspects (supported by key excerpts from the Annual Report FY2021)

Leading Holistically with Technology

“Your Company derives its leadership through its market-leading technology, striving to make systems and processes user-friendly and efficient to drive results. Blue Dart ensured that all collections went 100% digital during the Pandemic. Blue Dart continues to lead digital transformation with analytics, automation, business intelligence, smart dashboards, API Solutions, auto-route applications, deployment of parcel lockers, electrical vehicles and investments in high-standard technology including the mobile application -‘My Blue Dart’, the internal Knowledge, Engagement & Learning System – Blue Connect as well as pioneering the ‘Contact Less Delivery’ service.”

Power Packed Mobile App for Superior CX

“To provide customers with a superior experience, we use technology enabled mobility solutions for administering specialized pickups of product returns, which also include quality control checks, product image verification and close coordination for timely pickups. Our goal is to ensure that all Blue Dart stakeholders remain safe. To accelerate this seamless experience, we also launched our ‘My Blue Dart’ mobile application that helps customers track their package, find out the most cost-effective prices to send their shipments across horizons as well as access important contact information etc. in a user-friendly and on-the-go manner.”

Digitalized Value Chain for Efficiency and Transparency

“Application programming interface (API) based solutions for our customers have been enhanced for exchanging manifest at detailed levels to ensure an automated and seamless supply chain, from pre-pick up till post-delivery; inclusive of collections.”

“An indigenous network modelling system has been developed and implemented which has enabled Blue Dart to dynamically respond to changes in network schedules and recommend fast and reliable network routes linking shipment origins with destinations.

Holistic Contact Less Services in the Pandemic

“The most notable innovations at Blue Dart in FY2020-21 aligned with the need of the hour; a Contact Less Delivery system and a mobile app. Given the ‘transferable’ nature of Coronavirus, Blue Dart wanted to ensure that our customers could continue shipping with us without the fear of contagion. Therefore, we pioneered the Contact Less Delivery service that enables business continuity, eliminating any touchpoint that encouraged contact of any kind. We made this possible by activating 16 digital wallets, Net Banking, Credit & Debit cards, UPI, BHIM etc. to ensure that our customers did not feel vulnerable doing business with us.

Digital for HR and Learning

“The performance management system in Blue Dart is handled through the online HRIS platform, PRIDE. During the current year, the Global HR system, called Cross-Divisonal Human Resources Information System (CHRIS) was rolled out for critical HR activities in a phased manner.”

“Blue Connect (Internal M&E learning platform): At the very beginning of 2020, we launched and updated our internal learning management system to an application called Blue Connect.”

“Gamification for frontline assessment: We introduced the gamification platform for the first time at Blue Dart for functional & behavioral assessment and development of frontline employees.”

A Data Driven Approach

“Big data setup has helped in getting advanced analytics on various segments of Blue Dart’s operational process, customer insights, and trends on volume /revenue from different geographies.”

“Continued focus on enabling digitized data capture of delivery and pickup of shipments covering 98.40% of delivery and 37.55% of pickup as during March 2021.”

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