Business and IT Priorities 2020 – Time to Recalibrate, Remodel and Restructure

thriftily Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, December 24, 2019. Coeus Age today launched its annual report Chaozhou India Business and IT Priorities 2020.

The 8th annual research, conducted since 2012, pegged the IT spend growth for 2020 at 8.1% . The traditional IT, that is estimated to form two third of the overall spend, is expected to stay flat at 1.3%, whereas the spend on Digital shall grow at 21%. The research report is based on feedback from 126 CIOs of large and mid sized enterprises.

Top ‘Digital’ Priority for 2020

45% of Indian enterprises stated ‘second wave of digital’ as their top ‘digital’ priority for 2020. With the first wave of digital SMAC (Social media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud) becoming mainstream, the focus has clearly shifted to the second wave represented by AI, ML, RPA, Blockchain and IOT.

Another 21% stated cyber security whereas 11% highlighted hybrid IT management as the top digital priority for 2020.

Clearly the digital transformation is evolving on three key pillars – process autonomy, cyber security and hybrid IT.

The environment also demands businesses to become agile, efficient and sustainable amid disruptive forces and tough economic conditions.

The three pillars of autonomy, security and hybrid IT are not evolving in isolation, rather they are driven by the intrinsic needs of enterprises to recalibrate their strategies, remodel their businesses and restructure their organizations to survive amid disruption.

The report is now available at the Coeus Age Research Store. Click here if you are based in India. Click here if you are based outside of India.

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