COVID crisis has in fact Accentuated the need for DX- Lux Rao, NTT

Perspectives Shared by Mr Lux Rao on the Topic “DX Punctuated – Innovative Strategies to Sustain and Regain the Lost DX Momentum”


Tijuana Two years of digital transformation work has happened in the last two months. The level of engagement that has happened in the past two or three months has been kind of thrust upon us, we were not ready for it.

It is time to revisit the real meaning of digital transformation. The whole idea behind DX is to bring value in four basic business areas – customer experience; employee or workplace experience; governance, risk, and compliance; and process efficiencies. This is the new DX lens.

We must look at the situation from that lens and think about the tagline DX Punctuated? Though I would resonate with the survey 100%, but not sure whether DX is really punctuated. I am happy that there is a question mark with it. In my opinion, DX is in-fact getting ACCENTUATED.

The real question is where will you put your money.

Three areas where I see organizations spending – one, most of the organizations are looking at aspects such as how do we keep our business secure, cyber security is really hot today. No one wants to be in the news for wrong reasons; two, keeping workers safe and healthy and adopting technologies that help them do it, keeping the productivity intact and measurable; and three the organizations are precipitating towards cloud to provide resilience and agility.

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