Organizations are Clearly Moving Beyond Simple Experiments with New Technologies – Rajesh Kumar, UiPath

Perspectives Shared by Mr Rajesh Kumar on the Topic “DX Punctuated – Innovative Strategies to Sustain and Regain the Lost DX Momentum”


Four threads are emerging.

1. Everybody is looking at remote work enablement.

2. Organizations are looking at solutions to minimize physical interaction or face to face connect and enhance remote working.

3. The new technologies are moving beyond simple experiments towards driving new conversations among the C-Suite members.

Innovation in current times is quite different than that in the peace times. If the later demanded innovation to break the next barrier, the current times require innovation to raise the fallen business curve, in terms of driving revenues, managing costs, and building resilience.

4. The focus is clearly coming back on scalability. The fluctuations in demand and that in your ability to serve is making it imperative that you can scale.

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