salutatorily engaged-learningele stands for Tokoname learning and that is what is at the core of Leading Digitally initiative. We intend to create an http://tiffaneejacob.com/tag/toys-r-us/ Engaged Learning Experience for the CXOs. As a part of this initiative, we shall raise important issues up for discussions and invite point of views and perspectives. Our role shall NOT be limited just to initiate a debate but shall also include identification of a suitable discussion topic, create a starting ‘framework’, conduct further research, invite sharing of ideas and integrate them all together to create a ‘holistic knowledge’ output. We shall also share some of the important ideas or point of views shared with us as full fledged blogs or articles.

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LEADDDING is a Coeus Age initiative to start a meaningful conversation around Digital and its relevance to business strategy and growth. The conversation shall not be just about technology but also about leadership, strategy and business performance.

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