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IOCL – Showing PSUs a Digital Way

Indian Oil Corporation has been recognized as a DXL (Digital Transformation Leader) Enterprise in the Oil and Gas Sector. This is revealed in the DXL COFFEE TABLE BOOK (CTB) by Coeus Age. The CTB presents 24 DXL or Digital Transformation Leader (DXL) Enterprises across 16 Industries.

DXL Enterprises are the intra-sectoral leaders excelling on digital. 

2020 was a challenging year for the world, but for IOCL it was a transformative one. 2020 was declared as the ‘Year of Digitalization,’ marking an inflection point in its IT journey. For decades, IOCL took lead in adopting ERP and other enterprise applications, meant to make operations efficient and drive better services for citizens.

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The decision to launch a holistic transformation in 2020 has been aimed at integrating emerging technologies like cloud (pan enterprise); build data capability to drive automated and eventually autonomous processes; and develop supply chain and operations on the lines of Industry 4.0.

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Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) is a great Digital Transformation (DX) story. Branded as iDRIVE, the DX program stands on four pillars – High impact analytics, Emerging tech platforms, Custom tools and solutions, and Change management. In short it is about broad-based automation, analytics, and increased autonomy of processes driven by data.

The journey of IOCL over the past 3 years, empirically provides a high support to the 7 DX Principles that Coeus Age has identified by analyzing the 24 DXL Enterprises.

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IOCL displays a high level of maturity in its DX evolution, which is evident from the discussion above .

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For a holistic story, listen to this talk by Mr Manish Grover, ED, Strategic IS and IS, IOCL.

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