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ITC – Perfecting Customer Centricity

Gold Coast ITC Limited has been recognized as a DXL (Digital Transformation Leader) Enterprise in the Consumer Packaged Goods Sector. This is revealed in the DXL COFFEE TABLE BOOK (CTB) by Coeus Age. The CTB presents 24 DXL or Digital Transformation Leader (DXL) Enterprises across 16 Industries.

Reftinskiy DXL Enterprises are the intra-sectoral leaders excelling on digital.

ITC, a well diversified conglomerate spanning across all the three sectors of the economy, is growing fast despite the pandemic. Emerging as a strong challenger in multiple categories, ITC is building capabilities in the areas of customer life cycle management, multi-channel distribution that is hyper local in the last mile, and farm-to-dining-table value chain visibility.

This is done with the aim of driving newer experiences, business agility, marketing effectiveness, supply-chain transparency, operational efficiency, and ecological sustainability. ITC is leveraging data, both within and from outside data sources, to gain insights as well as to drive marketing actions that support personalization, change behaviours, create brand communications, and develop products and services as per the changing needs.

The main highlights of the DXL story at ITC Limited includes six key aspects (supported by key excerpts from the Annual Report FY2021).

Enhancing CX

“The Businesses continue to leverage digital technologies and platforms enhancing consumer experience. Strategic interventions in this area are aimed at delivering delightful brand experiences seamlessly across touchpoints through personalised journeys mapped to individual’s needs, preferences and context.”

Leveraging Data

“ITC continues to increasingly leverage ‘Sixth Sense’, the Marketing Command Centre and Consumer Data Hub – an AI powered hyperpersonalised platform backed by a robust partner ecosystem for content and data – to gain insights on market trends and consumer behaviour and synthesise the same to craft contextual brand communication and product development.”

Growth by eCommerce

“Your Company collaborated with the leading e-Commerce platforms on all aspects of operations i.e. category development, marketing, supply chain and customer acquisition. This was augmented by development of exclusive and relevant pack assortments, capability building to execute plans to drive ‘Digital First’ brands and platform discoverability through jointly curated campaigns.”

Innovating for Hyper Local

“Direct-to-consumer e-Commerce platform (ITC e-Store); WhatsApp based chatbot (ITC Storelocator) enabling easier access for consumers to your Company’s products in their vicinity.”

“Deployment of innovative delivery models and use of alternate channels (ITC Store-on-Wheels) and use of AI/ML for outlet level actionable insights, etc.”

Unified Supply Chain

“The ‘ITC One Supply Chain’ initiative continued to be leveraged to drive supply chain cost optimisation on the back of digital technologies and scale benefits.”

“Company made steady progress during the year in setting up state-of-the-art Ancillary Manufacturing cum Logistics Facilities (AMLF).”

NextGen Infrastructure

“The Paperboards and Specialty Papers Division has also set up a state-of-the-art Next Generation Smart and Hyperscalar Digital and Data Infrastructure at its plants, to enable real time operations control, process optimisation and quality improvements.”

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