Leading Digitally- 5 Most Popular Articles of 2014

New LD LogoDigital is the way forward. The impact of digital is visible on each and every aspect of an organization including the C-level roles. The CXO roles (CEO, CFO, CMO, CHRO, CIO, CTO, CSCO) will all need to embrace digital as a part of their functioning, i.e. each C Suite member needs to learn to Lead Digitally. 

Coeus Age’s mega initiative Leading Digitally intends to create a debate on CXOs embracing digital and provide them with a knowledge platform to make such a debate meaningful. The various role based channels under the initiative (,, and provide unique and relevant perspective around digital.

The two factors, which put Coeus Age’s Mega initiative Leading Change at a higher pedestal are its research underpinning to the content creation and ele (engaged learning experience). ele stands for learning and it is a uniquely designed process involving the CXOs at the various stages of content creation, dissemination and the debate process.

The uniqueness of the content and its style can be gauged by the popularity of our blogs and articles across the various channels.

We are very pleased to bring to you the top 5 articles of 2014 (in terms of their popularity).

1. 4 Ways in which IT can Drive Innovation

2. Unilever and Tata are Investing in Future- Are You?

3. 4 Ps of (Digital) Marketing

4. 6 Foundation Layers for a SMACful Journey

5. What is Your Influence Quotient?

We thank our YOU for supporting us in a big way in 2014. We are hopeful of your continued support through 2015 and beyond.

We promise you that  we will continue creating relevant and actionable knowledge for your personal and professional development and growth.

We will be pleased to hear from you on your valuable suggestions and feedback.

Most Popular

LEADDDING is a Coeus Age initiative to start a meaningful conversation around Digital and its relevance to business strategy and growth. The conversation shall not be just about technology but also about leadership, strategy and business performance.

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