THRIVING IN A DATA ECONOMY – Weaving Growth Strategy and Digital in a Single Narrative!

Bcharré A new economic paradigm is emerging that builds upon a conscious leverage of data. Along with that organizations also need to build the right strategic context for the data focus to bear fruits. In short, GROWTH STRATEGY and DIGITAL need to be weaved together into a single narrative.

A line of divide has existed between technology, process and strategy domains of a business enterprise. The line of divide has been managed through manual interventions for process breaks, integration through use of technologies and operational structures that inform technology of the strategy and process demands. That however has given sub optimal results as human limitations, piece meal stitches and monolithic structures could do only little.

New Paradigm of Data Economy2The need today is to democratize data for people to take decisions, get enabled and empowered, innovate in the moment and become efficient. Think of a front line sales guy who does not need to do mundane paper work as it can all be automated now, a retailer does not need to wait for the stock to arrive as it can be automatically replenished and a customer can look and feel even a complex product like a Home for taking an informed decision. All that is changing today with the use of emerging technologies.

But to unleash data democratization, a strong connect between GROWTH STRATEGY and DIGITAL is required, something that has been a perennial challenge. A powerful framework is the need, that can weave the two extremes into a single narrative.

Based on years of research, analysts at Coeus Age Consulting have built a framework that can help organizations meaningfully dashed bridge the distinction between Strategy and Operations. At the inaugural session of LEADDDING THOUGHTS ON THRIVING IN A DATA ECONOMY, we shall also be unveiling the framework that can bring strategists and technologists on the same page.

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